Steve Nootenboom

While growing up, Nootenboom was always considered the school artist. In the Fifties, as a child, he impressed his peers and teachers with his realism. At age five, he appeared on the children's T.V. show "Sheriff John."


In the Seventies, he made a significant connection with a world renowned artist, Templeton. He frequented her studio, gleaning all he could. The eccentric "presidente" cigar smoking 70-year old saw the potential in Nootenboom and strengthened him in technique.


At age 19, Nootenboom became the art director of a children's T.V. show called "The Puppet Tree Gang." His connection in television led to his illustrating several books and record album covers, as well as commercial work for companies like Six Flags, NASA and Shell Oil, to name a few.


Through the Eighties, his commercial work would carry him over financially to his "Fine Art" show.


"I love bringing joy to others with my paintings. I was created to make art for others to enjoy." Nootenboom's favorite places are above the timberline at 12,000' elevation in the High Sierra of California, Tuolumne Meadows, the Beartooth Mountains of Montana, and the Southwest Deserts of the U.S. The alpine crisp air, intense lighting and color of the high altitudes are reflected in his work.

steve built this custom solar home by himself  

1961: First art seen by the public: Steve drawing a squirrel on the "sheriff john" children's show at age five.

1966-1971: Drew chalk drawings in church onstage while someone preached.

Sold drawings and paintings to friends and relatives.

1972 & 1973: "Allied art show" Lancaster California: sell out shows illustrator for St. Raphael's print shop Lancaster

Custom air brush choppers and vans.

Painted and showed with Doug Oliver, La Monk, Stan Chipan, Jay McDonald, Nathan Marsh and Templeton

1974: Entered a tutelage under Nancy Templeton.

1975: Art director for children's TV show, "The Puppet Tree Gang" a spin off on "H.R. Puff In Stuff".

1976: Desert exhibits and shows of oil on canvas.

Worked on "Police Woman" TV show.

Hired as illustrator to be one of the first people allowed into the l.a. exhibit of Tutonkomon funerary to render for a large jewelry broker.

"Would you mind" by "Devin" first album cover.

1978: Art sales, attended Antelope Valley College.

1979: Sale of over 150 pieces of art to a former celebrity. Private archive Monterey Ca.

1980-1996: Sales of oil on canvas, public and private collectors.

Sales of acrylic abstract creek bottoms.

Tuteledge under kirk Pedersen.

Art direction, story boarding set design and construction for Time Life Magazine and Nestea Ice Tea commercials.

Illustrating for various companies for logos and concept design on new products.

1997: Purchased the largest sign co. in north L.A. county and created literally hundreds of signs.

Sculpted and designed for Warner Bro's, Magic Mountain amusement park,

Design and create for hurricane harbor, batman, and signage throughout Six Flags Magic Mountain CA.

Design and signage for Lockheed, Shell oil north rup. City shopping malls, Chain stores throughout California and Nevada.

1998: part of a design team creating chariots and concession kiosks and interiors for Cesar's Palace mall, Las Vegas Nevada, and Miss America pageant Atlantic City N.Y.

1999-2002: nomadic trip for Art sales and shows throughout S.W. Deserts, Santa Fe, Tuscan, Sierra Vista, Sahuarta, Colorado Springs, Red lodge Montana.

Tuteledge under Scott switzer

2003-2006: Art sale to public and private collectors.

1 man 30 day show at the Cedar Center.

Sell out at the Monastery show, Vallyermo Ca. (over 100,000 people attend that show to see various artists).

Santa Barbara three day jazz and art festival.

Art director on "Alliance" a movie about tolerance ,

Set design discovery channel " unsolved history Roswell " for termite art.

2007: Sales of oil on canvas and museum quality certified achievable prints at shows , galleries, and private collections.

Director producer on an adventure documentary (title not yet released).

Art director on up coming comedy from mumin films (title not yet released).

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  A word from the artist
     Thank you for coming to my website. I suppose I should share something lofty and avant guarde about art, but I really don't have those words. All I have to say is thanks.
     At 51 years old I am accessing life. Some of the things I have dreamt of are now probably out of my reach. About some things that have come my way, I never dreamed of being so fortunate. I have worked hard and urgently to do everything I could do-paint, draw, build, and experience-as if life was slipping through my fingers, and I wanted to wring out every drop. Having had a great adventure to this point, I am filled daily with gratitude. What I have to share (and sharing is it!!) is my art and my thanks.
Thanks Mom, for encouraging me and selflessly hanging in there through my illness..
Thanks to my sister, Kathleen, for being a true friend, teacher, and my biggest fan.
Thanks Tanya for 25 years.
Thank you Kirk, Scott, Jay and Stan for sharing your genius. You did a good thing and I am doing good things with it.
     Daily I feel I have had more lucky breaks, second chances, friends, kindness shown to me, forgiveness, and great experiences than anyone I know.
Thanks everybody.
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